Runnin Kartanomäki is a privately owned care company. We provide enhanced housing services for the elderly,

mentally handicapped and individuals recovering from mental illnesses. We also provide children’s daycare and supported housing.

We employ practical nurses, nurses, bachelors in social services, nannies, cooks and caretakers.

We work in accordance to lifecycle thinking; all customer groups work together. Children for example visit the elderly regularly and sing for them. Runni Kartanonmäki is located in beautiful countryside scenery. Runni village has services such as school, grocery store and Runni spa. We invest in green care thinking, which for us consist from elements such as animals, local food, following change of seasons, art, flowers and plants.


Runnin Kartanonmäki Oy  •  Runnintie 462, FIN-74595 RUNNI

Mervi Huurinainen managing director +358 207 920 487 •  mervi.huurinainen(at)

Runnin Kartanonmäki Oy  •  Runnintie 462  •  74595 RUNNI  •  0207 920 487